Board Down

Based on Germany 1978
Ireen Sheer — Feuer

It was eleven, had been up since seven
And so it came, my time
For some relaxation, my daily fixation
That helps me cool my mind
Entered The M/B with fierce certainty
Knowing my dear friends would be there with me
But then, atrocity

Board down (Board down)
Ah, I cannot get in
Board down (Board down)
Can't be legal, a sin
Maybe they've blocked me and shunned me
I'm getting anxiety

Board down (Board down)
Who on earth should I call
Board down (Board down)
Just how dare they, such gall
My hangout's gone, I can't take this for long
Let me roam free, in The M/B

Then came a thought, yes, a light bulb went off
It was made clear to me
Saw there, on Facebook
A message, a post, that came to set me free
And so I found out their service was down
I had no reason to feel like a clown
This bitch is back in town

Board down (Board down)
Felt betrayed by my kin
Board down (Board down)
It's like losing a twin
I thought they blocked me and shunned me
Not part of society

Board down (Board down)
Nearly swallowed me whole
Board down (Board down)
Yes, it took a big toll
My hangout's gone and this all feels so wrong
Please let me be, in The M/B

Board down (Board down)
Gave a rash to my skin
Board down (Board down)
Nothing like it, akin
It burned my soul, I felt out of control
I'm only me, in The M/B
(Board down, Board down, Board down, Board down)