VRT Blame Game

Based on Poland 2019
Tulia — Fire of Love (Pali się)

So unfair, so unfair, we've been set up

Citizens of Flanders, think we have a problem
Worse than RTBF, or AVROTROS
We've had thirty entries, six times finished last place
Always looking foolish, we're at a loss

VRT, VRT, this is a crisis!
How can we ever restore Flemish pride?
Even years, sabotaged by unknown forces
Losing our rightful place in the top five

Only explanation: Francophone collusion
Cooked up by our rivals in "Charleroi"
Louis Neefs tried twice but only finished seventh
Samson underrated, Straatdeuntje robbed

Callier, Callier, could have redeemed us
Even though some might say he was an arse
Contest was voided to our consternation
Now we can't show the world Brussels is ours

Laura Groeseneken, changed her name to Sennek
Still she couldn't progress from semi one
Bob Benny had planned for two tremendous stage shows
Undermined twice by French cost overruns

Hadise, Hadise! Represent Belgium!
Dum Tek Tek would have been better in Vlaams
Je t'adore: Effortless, classy kniezwengel
No encore. Eight points short. Just three from France

Barbara Dex, loved that dress. Lisa del Bo
12 from Spain, then the pain when plagiarised
Axel's voice clearly was loved by Ruslana
But no chance, snubbed by France, did not qualify.