Ramblings of an Impatient Eurovision Fan 2020

Based on Sweden 2019
John Lundvik — Too Late for Love

When will we know?
All the news about our favourite show
When’s EIC?
I want to do that and do LEP

What about Amsterdam
What about Rotterdam?
I need to save
What about Madrid too?
I just want to know
Tell me

I want to see all the brand new acts
And maybe next year there will be a real climax
It is going to be a real party
So I will be there
Let me be there

I’ll work all the hours I can get
(Oh, where’s all the hotel deals?)
(Where’s all the flight deals?)
Tell me
Will someone share an air BnB?

Days come and go
And I’m still missing my fav-our-ite show
And it’s left a space
Where Eurovision is just cyberspace

Can next year hurry up
I’m fed up of reprise
I just now see

I know now that we will never know
If maybe Iceland would have stolen this year’s show
Or maybe The Roop would have the crown
There would not be frowns
A fab showdown

Rotterdam was never meant to be
Oh, we will be back next year
I really shouldn’t fear
Help me
I voted in thousands of fan polls
(I, just want to televote)
(For my fav-our-ite show)

This could be the latest P.E.D.
Co-ro-na, why did you take the contest from me?

Next year we will go do everything
And it will be the biggest party you have seen
And whilst I sit here counting down days
It is on season
Always on season

Give me all the rumours you can find
(Oh, I need to spend my time)
This same ol’ paradigm (I need to spend my time)
And I’ll say this all again
Next year!