A Bad Man Took My Children

Based on Norway 2007
Guri Schanke — Ven a bailar conmigo

I was in France, on a retreat, a cottage on the Rhine
Me, and my two children
Enjoying youth, soaking the heat, relaxing at the lake
It almost felt like a fresh start
Since my marriage fell apart
Didn't know, that bad news was soon due

Oh a bad man took my children
He stole them in the night
Their breakfast seats, eerily, sat empty
A bad man took my children
What for I cannot say
I checked their sheets, didn't see, their little feet
A bad man took my children!

Though lacking proof, I called the cops, told them of my plight
My worry they could be harmed
Gathered the guys, went by the book, sent a search party
They tore the village all apart
And the locals all took part
In the hunt, for the disappeared two

Oh a bad man took my children
I wish I wasn't right
Just why did he, feel the need, to hurt me
A bad man took my children
Police suspect foul play
They want to meet, with a brief, to talk to me
A bad man took my children

"Ma'am we have found your children
It's bad!"
<overdramatic grief noise>

Oh a bad man stole my children
And chopped them into bits
The search retrieved, their bodies, piece by piece
He kept their small intestines
A trophy to his crime
Brutality, so ghastly, they've never seen

Least now I have my freedom
And even have a date
It's with the chief of police, tomorrow eve
He's best to keep close to me, because you see

I paid the man to kill them!