Olympic Controversy

Based on Spain 1988
La Década Prodigiosa — La chica que yo quiero (Made in Spain)

Sporting star, in truth unparalleled, I’m standing tall
Fight, leap, run, shoot, box like a hero
I had plans to dominate in Tokyo, win it all
Can it be true, I must wait yet one more year?

Training in vain can be hard, I don’t rest
In all thirty-three sports I continue to persevere
Training in pain - yes of course I’m the best
But I’m training in vain, no Olympics this year

Greco-Roman wrestler and a diver in the pool
Breaststroke and backstroke and polo
In dressage, I’m horse and rider and I never fall
In team events I triumph alone

On the bars I’m quite fantastic, parallel and asymmetric
Judoka and cyclist and fencer
Tennis star? Nadal can’t beat me
Play rugby sevens solo and I win just the same

Training in vain, and I know what’s to blame
The Olympics were stopped as they knew I'd win all the medals
Strain and disdain, and of course low morale
But all sport’s my domain and I won’t disappear

(Let’s make it plain, yeah?)

If they won’t let me stay ahead
The next Olympics will be in my backyard instead

Games in the rain! In all sports I excelled
Lit the torch from my stove, and the flame’s a DIY structure
Space was constrained, and I did rather well
Threw the discus so far that I felt something rupture

I burst a vein
Broke window panes
Neighbours complained