Based on Georgia 2012 [live]
Anri Jokhadze — I'm a Joker

If you work hard, they would tell me
Life would reward you, treat you fairly sweetly
Won’t be easy, a meritocracy
But I’ve seen it’s all bollocks now,
That I’ve grown up

Wha wha what’s your problem?
Wha wha what’s the matter
You you you’re a drugs fiend
Mad mad mad as a hatter

I’m a toker, I’m a stoner
Roll it baby, skin up baby, 420, 20 20
I’m a hashhead, I’m a pothead
Got no gear, I’m in tears baby, fuck this and fuck you

I’m a junkie and a drinker
I’m a lockdown Prozac sinker
Imma roll, no self-control, fuck me and fuck this

I’m a cokehead, all bravado
Crystal meth aficionado
Addict and a substance user
Imm-a-mphetamine abuser

I’m a toker, (he’s a stoner)
For the right fee, (kidney donor)
Got no grass, got no weed baby
Fuck it, fuck it, fucketty fuck, fuck it

I know my needs, (likes the weed)
Must get higher (so resistant)
Imma speed dial my supplier
Need my gear, get me gear baby
Fuck sake, (Fuck sake)

Pass me my box so
I can forget Brexit is happening
Fuck this, fuck that, baby
I must have sedation
Please don’t patronise me, oh fuck no no no

Imma skin a joint up and smoke it strong poppet
Fill my lungs up, nail those narcotics
I’m fucking flying… oh God

I’m a toker, I’m a stoner
Soon to be an ex-home owner
When Imma hammered, nothing matters, I don’t care, I don’t care
Just let me be
Don’t upset me with shit reality
Fuck that and Fuck this
I’m done here, I’m done here