Drag Quest

Based on Israel 1998
Dana International — Diva

Style on point and perfect make-up skills
Wigs galore, lip-syncs that thrill
One more phase, before you take the stage
Find your brand, it's not that evident

Generating drag names on a website
Every result borderline horse shite
Please Google, save us all

Karen From Finance, Harlett O'Scara, Ana Conda
Midwinter Berries, Lucia Willickya, Kween Latifah

Such a quest, which name will suit you best?
Pick something that's worth remembering

There's so much choice, what's your inspiration?
A deceased pet, a metro station?
Outer space? Important place?

Ana Phalectic, Ivana Humpya, Toxic Tina
Zizi O'Plenty, Charity K. Mart, Coy Cruella
Kiki Caliente, Penny Palooza, Miss Agnetha
Felicia Faux-Fur, Ivy Iwana, Lady Frida

TikTok, Twitter, Insta… handle!

Go for Ornacia, maybe Lactasia, or Orgazma
Why not A Man Dah, Coco Coachella, or Fantazma
Bon Qui Qui Goodnight, Bernadette Brightlight, or Flaminga
Peaches Von Peacock, Brianna Toast or… DIVA!