My Crotch Is Itching

Based on Austria 1986

My crotch is itching, was it the razor?
Is it because the blade is so dull and gross?
My crotch is itching, is it my razor?
Maybe I should have switched the blade yesterday?

Googles "itchy red bumps
On my genitals"
It's folliculitis
My crotch is itching!

"Exfoliate the skin
Every time you shave your groin
Then rinse with lukewarm water
Don't shave against the hairs"
It's an experiment
It is one worth the attempt
If it can rid me from this
gruesomely itching condition

My crotch is itching, what is it I see?
There are shellfish on my pubics, what are they?

Googles "shellfish on pubes"
What is this I read?
Oh what have I done now!
My crotch is itching