Your Sex Dolls

Based on Iceland 2009

You never cook me dinner
You never bring me flowers
You’ve just shagged me once
And if you’re being boring
And you’re being boring
When you use a pump

I’ve seen it once, when you were out, I’ve seen who you are shagging

A sex doll
Blow up sex doll
Used, abused all the time
A sex doll
Full of hot air, it deserves a clean, yes, sometimes…

It’s got a new hole in it
I don’t know how it got there
Now it’s true to life
Don’t know what it looks like
Yes it really looks like,
K, I used a knife

Now your sex doll is torn in half, now you might have to shag me…

A role play
I’m a hooker
You can use more than once
The sex doll
Was wrong for you, play with me I’m free, your cum dump

I’m des-ti-tute
You threw both of us out
A new you
Will it last or are just all the new models out?
A sex doll
A new sex doll
We see the box by your door
A sex doll
It’s your new toy, it will be with us before long….
Your sex dolls