Redneck Jesus

Based on Netherlands 2018

There’s a guy divine
Makin’ whiskey and water out of wine
In the town of Rhome
He was duct-taped to a cross of styrofoam
It’s like winnin’ in NASCAR when ya drink beer with yer Lord

Everybody praise the Lord! It’s Redneck Jesus!
Sacraments of moonshine ‘n’ squirrel sure please us
Love yer neighbor with a bit o’ racism (yeah)
He’ll make ya wanna roar like a Monster truck’ll
Make ya wanna wear a ‘Merican belt buckle
Shows ya how to getcherself to trucker heaven
Everybody praise the Lord who’s wearin’ denim!

When they whipped him ‘round the town
With a piece of barb’wire fence he was a-crowned
When yer God ain’t employed
He’s free to lube yer soul with motor oil
Yeah, it’s loaves an’ fishin’ until noon
An’ banjos all night long

Everybody praise the Lord! It’s Redneck Jesus!
Pump them sinners full of ammunition
Out in his pick-up on a country-fried mission (yeah)
Got himself a posse full of hick apostles
Barefooted, mullets, an’ tattooed muscles
Not payin’ taxes landed him in prison
Even yer mama gonna be forgiven

(O’ O’ Lord...A-men)

Everybody praise the Lord! It’s Redneck Jesus!
Camouflage robes for huntin’ season
Healin’ all the lepers of their diseasin’ (yeah - huh!)
Walkin’ on the Bayou, wrasslin’ alligators
Dyin’ on the cross to make America greater
Likes his asses like he likes his women
Hairy, big, an’ branded with a John Deere emblem

I sez, everybody’s blessed to have a Redneck Jesus!