Eurovision Everywhere All at Once

Based on Moldova 2022
Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov — Trenulețul

Hey ho! Let’s go
Hey ho! Let’s go
Explore and lose control
Free your brain, we present
ESC: the Multiverse

Every action sparks another
Creating a microcosm
Within: each world continues
Parallel yet kept apart

Something lately, something new
Harmed the order, melted glue
Once apart, the worlds collided
And they fused through the borders

OK, let's go
Our tour through the wormhole
Come with us and be our guest
We'll traverse the multiverse

On this planet, jury voting
Was corrupt, but still allowed
Singing penis 'stead of pussy
Citi Zēni made the final

On their stage, the sun turned round
Sasha Bognibov beat us
Mia sang half in Bahasa
And Sam Ryder worked for NASA

Uh-oh let's go!
On to another world
Malta didn't change their dirge
But still came in 16th place

Singing Halo
Pia hit most her notes
Keith and Jim were then unmasked
As members of Bobbysocks!

(Stella was the astronaut)

Poor Elina Nechayeva's
Fall on stage induced a coma
Iceland sent Reykjavíkdætur
Denmark med de hårde drenge

Em'ly Roberts, singing Soap
Learnt the words before the show
And Konstrakta (biti zdrava)
Asked us why Harry's ginger

Oh no! SloMo
Scandal in Benidorm
Even though Chanel was best
She lost to the giant breast

Goodbye Disko
Outscored by BQL
Poland toned down their attempt
Only used nineteen effects

(Hozier was quite impressed)

Don't tell Harrow
Surprise in Solna-hall
Anders Bagge left depressed
Linda Bengtzing won Melfest

Say it ain't so
This one's unusual
Every country somehow sent
Sara Deop as entrant

On to unknown
So rare this one-off world
Hola mi bébébé
Isn't stuck in any heads

San Marino
Turns out they ripped the hole
Caused this whole multi-mess
Through the size of their NF

Each place we go
One thing won't change at all
That Ukraine beat the rest