A Crucial Question

Based on Luxembourg 1979
Jeane Manson — J’ai déjà vu ça dans tes yeux

I ought to ask if you’ve wondered
why a certain Greek’s such a snoop:
Those crucial questions that he asks you
mean DEja vu knows your passwords.

Praise where it’s due: none the wiser
you just carry on unperturbed.
In the dark, you just let him charge you
’cause DEja vu knows your passwords.

Your passwords are fucked.
He’s cribbed them all from the MB.
Could be you’re in luck:
He hasn’t diddled you for all that much, but you see…

Those casual questions aren’t random:
They’re designed to bag a key phrase.
Just take a look through your bank statements
and I can promise you’ll have paid.

[Go on, check. I’ll wait.]

[Go on.]

An iced coffee in Vienna;
nothing to alarm or alert.
But go and ask your bank – they’ll tell you:
Yes, DEja vu knows your passwords.

I know it seems ‘what the EFF?!?!!’
since it’s Marios this concerns.
Just make sure you blank further questions
and that you change all your passwords.
The sooner, the better.

You’d better.

’Cause he knows.