Breastfeeding Woman Spontaneously Lactates While Watching The Mandalorian

Based on Slovenia 2020
Ana Soklič — Voda

💧 Baby’s awake: cue lactic flood.
There’s nout I can do – milk just comes.
Endless gallons to share 💧 everywhere,
wanted or not.


He’s sleeping. Should we see then what’s new?
We haven’t watched that show yet –
that Star Wars one. It’s sci-fi.
That won’t set me off… 💧

[Gets to the end of the first episode]

Who you kidding? Course it’s him!
Those big ears, the dark eyes.
Yoda baby!
So adorbz! Oh – here it comes… 💧

[Goes a bit mad between episodes]

I’m almost ashamed how much I care
about this green ball of fun.
All the gifs I’ve shared on FB…
The pictures on WhatsApp…
More than our own son’s!

[Starts on the second episode]

💧 Yoda!
Every time that he appears
my jubblies start pumping.


Got enough to feed them all! 💦

Get the pumps out! I’m in floods now –
and I don’t mean crying tears.
I love my Yoda baby!
Maybe more than our own one.
Well, not more – but it’s close-run…