You Are Full of Wine

Based on Denmark 1986

Out on the piss
Said I couldn’t stay for longer
You disagreed, that’s all right

Stayed up for you
Said you’d have one more? You liar
I see the truth
As you stumble through the door

You are full of wine
Nodding slowly, drooling slightly
Randy little smile, leering too
With that look in your eye
I bet you’re thinking you're in luck here
But I could use my beauty sleep tonight

You said you’d text
You sent an aubergine emoji
That wasn’t what I had planned

Put down the beer
And no, I won’t make you a sandwich
What makes you think I enjoy your roaming hands?

You are full of wine
Hard to be seductive
When you’re looking at my face, seeing two
So don’t act like it’s fine
The traffic cone you brought back with you
Is getting action more than you tonight

Then you get all maudlin
Say your love is real
I tell a bedtime story and you try to grab a feel

I can see that
(I can smell that)

You are full of wine
Or you brushed your teeth with Merlot
Couldn’t get it up if you tried

You are full of wine
Can’t you see your talk is boring?
Slurring every line, pleading too
You’re pawing at my thigh
But any moment you’ll be snoring
So take your socks off and turn out the light

You’re lucky you’ve an understanding wife

...Well, okay then, maybe just tonight