Based on Cyprus 2018

Two A.M., a Friday night,
I’m the hit of the disco
Gotta love a dancer’s life
I catch his eye, we hit the floor
Luis Fonsi’s “Calypso”
I take him home, we dance some more

Now he’s there between my thighs, thighs, thighs, yeah
Rubber breaks, but we go through.
What’s the risk in just one night, night, night, yeah?

Now I’m throwing up
My dinner won’t stay down come eight in the morning
My boobs are tender now,
Swelling like a cow, no…
Now the doctor smiles, but I can’t help but frown
No I can’t believe it
I’m only 23, I don’t wanna be

Oh why’d I take the chance?
Will they let me dance

No ballon, no brisé
And forget about plies
Stuck backstage here at the Met

Bitches laugh about my size, size, size, yeah
Life goes on, what can I do?
Hungry for some pickle fries, fries, fries, yeah

Now I’m swelling up
My weights not going down
So much for my balance
Feels like a bowling ball
Drives me up the wall, yeah
Then he kicks his legs and I just gotta pee
Don’t play with my bladder!
Oh is it over yet?
Why’d I have to get

Oh shit, my water broke!
This is not a joke!

But when I look into his eyes, eyes, eyes, yeah
I’m so glad this baby’s mine, mine, mine, yeah…

Now he’s waking up
When I’m just cooling down
Thank god for my mother
She takes good care of him,
While I’m at the gym, yeah
Lost the baby weight
Now getting my tubes tied
Not having another
I’m small, petite again
I am done bein’

Can’t feed you now, dear Jake
Mommy’s in Swan Lake!