Which songs can I write to?

You can write lyrics to any Eurovision entry. This includes all the entries intended for ESC 2020 and the non-qualifying entries from 1993 and 1996. Songs that only competed in national finals are not eligible.

How many entries can I submit?

You can submit up to three entries.

Can I write my entry together with someone else?

Yep! Joint entries are allowed, and will count as one of each person's three entries.

Can I tell people what I wrote?

No - all entries must remain anonymous during the competition. This goes for the MB, Facebook, the chat, etc.

Can anyone enter ALC?

You must be a regular on the ESC Nation messageboard or escgo chat to enter.

Which format should I use to submit my entry?

You can submit your entry in one of the following formats:

  • Word document
  • Text document
  • HTML file
  • Email

Is there anything else I need to include when submitting my entry?

Please attach the MP3 file your entry will be sung to. If you don't, then the first version that comes up on YouTube will be used ;-) If you would like to request the use of any images, videos or special formatting, then please do so in good time.

Can I change my entry?

Yep, as long as you do so within the submission deadline. It's fine to change any lyric(s) within any of your entries, or even to swap an entry out for a completely different one. After the submission deadline has passed, though, you can't make any further changes.

How will I know that my entry has been received?

You'll receive a confirmation email, alongside a copy of how your entry will appear on site so you can check that the formatting is correct.

Could you check over my entry for any spelling/grammar issues?

Yes! Feel free to ask.

When is the deadline to submit my entry?

You've got until July 13th! Check out all the important dates on our schedule.

Can I pull out of the competition after the submission deadline?

No - once the submission deadline has passed, no withdrawals are allowed. You may disqualify yourself by failing to vote fairly, but your entry will still remain on the ALC site and ALChive permanently.

What is the format of the contest?

Entries received will be split up into semifinals. Participants (and non-participants!) will vote on these semifinals. Depending on the number of entries in each semi, this vote will either be MF-style (12-10-8-6-4-2-1) or ESC-style (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1).

The top 5 highest scoring entries in each semifinal will progress to the grand final, where they will join any automatic finalists. There will also be one wildcard qualifier in each semi.

Participants and non-participants will vote on all finalists ESC-style (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1), and the song that gets the most points will be crowned winner of ALC 2024!

What are the rules for the wildcard qualifier?

The aim of including wildcard qualifiers is to ensure that authors that wouldn't otherwise have made the final gets a chance to make it—particularly authors who may not have qualified before or for a few years. As such, for a lyric to be eligible for the wildcard, it needs to have been written by someone who:

  • Was not in the final of ALC 2023
  • Hasn't qualified to the final of ALC 2024 with any of their other entries

The wildcard will then be awarded to the eligible entry which has received the highest score in each semi.

An author can only receive one wildcard. In the event that an eligible author is in the position to get the wildcard from than one semi, their wildcard entry will be the one that received the highest average score. This is obtained by dividing the total score received by the number of voters in that semi.

If there are not enough eligible authors to receive all three wildcards according to the rules above, then authors who featured in the 2023 final, but would not otherwise have an entry in the 2024 final, become eligible. If there are still not enough eligible authors, then all remaining authors become eligible.

Who gets to be an automatic finalist?

Each author who finished in the top ten of ALC 2023 has the right to one automatic finalist entry. These authors are:

  • Sebastian
  • tim,london
  • Jonas
  • ariseatex
  • Yami
  • JonathanBE
  • phutty

How do I vote?

Rank all the entries in each semi/the final and send the scores over to

Who is allowed to vote?

Both participants and non-participants can vote, as long as you're a regular on the ESC Nation messageboard or escgo chat. You must vote in any semi you're in, but you're also free (and encouraged!) to vote in any other semis, too. You must also vote in the final if you qualify, but (again) are free to vote even if you don't :-) Non-participant votes will be counted equally to those of participants.

What happens if I don't vote?

All participants must vote in any semi that features one of their entries, and must vote in the final if they qualify. Failing to do so will disqualify your entry from the competition.

How do I contact the team?

Always email for any reason.