Open Letter

Still deciding whether or not to enter? Get some inspiration from last year's ALC winner, Jonas!

Well, then.. Welcome to this rejuvenated ALC! And a huge thanks to Andy and Alex for doing it! As the reigning winner it seems that I should say a few words. As tempted as I was to say "Moo", I've sadly recovered from last year's disease. But what I do want to do, is to really encourage everyone to enter!

ALC has brought so much fun and joy to my life for the last... *counts*... 14 years (!). Winning was nice, but reading, singing, laughing with, laughing at, over-analysing, misunderstanding, criticising, remembering, and falling in love with everyone else's entries has been the most fun! Because there is always something entertaining in every entry, one way or another.

Even if you think you can't come up with anything good, you're not sure if what you'd make would be original enough, or think that if you enter if would just be for the sake of being able to vote, then just do it anyway! Because stuff like having a perfect fit, good rhymes, making sense, or getting a good result is not what it really important in ALC. What's important is to just have fun with it and dare to be a bit silly. So if you're considering entering, then I suggest you just go for it! ?